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Our family motto is Our women are our strength, and pride. Or if you ask some older members simply Our women are our strength. I was wondering if it is translatable into Latin as I would very much like to add it to the painting of our family crest in my hall.


Your beautiful family motto “Our women are our strength, and pride” can be translated as follows:

1)“Mulieres nostrae nostra sunt fortitudo gloriaque”
2)”Mulieres nostrae nostra sunt fortitudo ac decus”

Please note that both the translations are correct, of course, and then you can choose the one you like better.

As for  “Our women are our strength” without “and pride”, you must say:
”Mulieres nostrae nostra sunt fortitudo”.

Please read more below.

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Note that:

-Our = NOSTRAE (nominative feminine plural of the possessive adjective NOSTER agreed with MULIERES)

-women = MULIERES (nominative plural of the feminine noun MULIER, 3rd.declension)

-are = SUNT (3rd.person singular,present indicative of SUM, I am)

-our = NOSTRA (nominative feminine singular of the possessive adjective NOSTER agreed with FORTITUDO)

-strength =FORTITUDO (nominative, feminine noun, 3rd.declension)

-and = -QUE (enclitic particle attached to the end of another word, i.e. GLORIA in this context) or AC used before nouns beginning with a consonant.

-pride = GLORIA (nominative,1st.declension) or DECUS (nominative, 3rd.declension)

As you can see, Latin word order is different from English, since Latin is an inflected language where synctatical relationships are indicated by the ending, not by the order of the words.

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