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Hey Maria.

Can you translate "I trust life" or "I have faith in life" into latin?

I tried myself (i took latin lessons a few years back),
and figured it would be something like "Confido vitae",
but i'd like to be 100% sure.
I'm making a painting with the words on it, you see.

Thank you,


“Confido vitae” is correct as well as “Vitae confido” with a different word order that in Latin can be variable for synctatical relationships are indicated by the endings, not by the order of words, as you certainly know.

Note that CONFIDO (1st.person singular, present indicative of this semi- deponent  verb which takes the dative case) means “I trust”/”I have faith in”, and  VITAE (dative singular of VITA, 1st.declension) means “life”.

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The semi-deponent verbs "audeo"( I dare), "gaudeo"(I rejoice), "soleo"(I am  accustomed),"fīdo" (I trust) and its compound forms "confīdo" and "diffīdo" are called semi-deponents, because though they look passive in their past forms, they are semantically active in all forms.
See e.g. CONFIDO, confidis,confisus sum, confidĕre (to trust)

As for the deponent verbs, they have the forms of the Passive Voice, with an active signification.
See e.g. SEQUOR, sequeris, secutus sum, sequi (to follow).

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