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Hey Maria, I had a correspondence  with you a while back about a tough translation I was using for an art piece I was working on. "mihi pessimus sum inimicus". Thanks again for your expertise in this matter. I had another phrase I have been getting conflicting answers about, that I wanted to use for another painting. "Beware of the monster within" Any feedback you could provide would be much appreciated!
Thanks again,

Hello again,

glad to have helped you some time ago.
As for “Beware of the monster within", it  can be translated as follows:

1-“Cave  interius monstrum” or “Interius cave monstrum ”

2-“Intimum cave monstrum ” or “Monstrum cave intimum”

The differences among the above sentences are the translation of "within" as INTERIUS or INTIMUM and the order of the words that in Latin  can be variable for Latin is an inflected language where syntactical relationships are indicated by the inflectional endings, not by the order of the words, as I’ve already said in my previous answer about “I am my worst enemy” (Mihi [ipsi] pessimus sum inimicus).

Therefore, you can choose the translation you like best, though I would prefer to use "Interius cave monstrum ”.

Please read more below.

Best regards,

-Beware of = CAVE ( 2nd.person singular, imperative of the verb CAVEO)

-the monster= MONSTRUM (direct object, 2nd.declension,accusative neuter depending on CAVE). The Latin noun MONSTRUM can mean either "evil omen" or "monster" in the sense you are using it.

-within =INTERIUS (accusative neuter of INTERIOR agreed with MONSTRUM) or INTIMUM (accusative neuter of INTIMUS agreed with MONSTRUM). Note that both INTERIOR (comparative)  and INTIMUS  (superlative) mean “inner”, innermost”, “more  hidden”, “most hidden”, “more  secret”, “most secret” and then “within”.

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