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Ciao Maria,
I want to engrave a bracelet for my mom and another one for myself saying "Refuse to sink" ("refuse" as an imperative form, "to sink" meaning to sink yourself, not to sink something). It will hopefully encourage both of us, these past years have not been easy.
I studied Latin many, many years ago, so I'm not sure at all about my translation. Your help will be VERY MUCH appreciated...
"Mergi recusa"

Thanks in advance. You have my word this is not for a tattoo. I promise.

Ciao Cristina,

first of all your translation is correct and thus "Mergi recusa!” means “Refuse to sink!”  just in the sense that you say.

Anyway, you could also say:”Esse in maerore recūsa!”(literally, “Refuse to be  in distress”) where it is still clearer the concept of grief connected to your  past years  that have not been easy.
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All the best to you and your mom.

Note that:

-Refuse = RECUSA (2nd.person singular, present imperative of RECUSO which takes the infinitive only in negative sentences or questions implying a negative)

-to sink (yourself) = MERGI (passive form, infinitive present of MERGO) or ESSE (to be) IN MAERORE (in distress).

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