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Ancient Languages/would you please translate a phrase from english to latin for me, thank you


the phrase i was looking at to translate is " Who is without sin may throw the first stone " , i found a translation for .. mittite qui sine peccato est primus lapis.., but i am not sure if this is correct. Really appreciate your time and help, Thank you .


the phrase “Who is without sin may throw the first stone “ we read in John 8:7  can be translates correctly as follows:

-“Qui sine peccato est primus lapidem mittat”, as we read in Biblia Sacra Vulgata, i.e. St.Jerome’s Latin translation of the Bible just called Vulgate meaning “Common version”(4th.century AD).


-“Qui sine peccato est primum mittat lapidem” (literal translation).

Both the translations are correct, of course, whereas  “mittite qui sine peccato est primus lapis..”, which is  the translation you've found,  is wrong.

Please learn more below.

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Note that:

-Who = QUI (nominative masculine singular, relative pronoun)

-is =EST (3rd.person singular, present indicative of SUM, I am)

-without = SINE (preposition which takes the ablative case)

-sin = PECCATO (ablative of PECCATUM, 2nd.declension)

-may throw = MITTAT (3rd.person singular, hortatory subjunctive of MITTO, I throw)

-the first = PRIMUS (nominative  masculine agreed with QUI)  or PRIMUM (accusative masculine of the adjective PRIMUS  agreed with the accusative LAPIDEM). Note that PRIMUS corresponds to “be THE FIRST to throw a stone”, whereas PRIMUM corresponds to “THE FIRST  stone”.

-stone =LAPIDEM (direct object, accusative singular of the masculine noun LAPIS,nominative case, 3rd.declension)

As you can see, Latin word order can be variable because Latin is an inflected language where  syntactical relationships are indicated by the ending, not by the order of words.

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