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I'm looking for the translation for "Believe" and I've seen it as Crede. Is this correct? Also, is this in the feminine form?


“Crede” means “Believe” as an imperative, 2nd.person singular, thus addressed to only one person.

If on the contrary the command “Believe” is addressed to many persons, it translates as “Credite” as a present imperative, 2nd.person plural.

In Latin in fact the imperative has different endings in the 2nd.person singular and in the 2nd.person plural, differently from English where “Believe” can be addressed to only one person(2nd.person singular)  as well as to many persons (2nd.person plural).

As for your question about the feminine form, please note that the verb forms remain the same either in the feminine or in the masculine, unless the verb is a composed form, but CREDE or CREDITE are not composed forms.

Hope this is clear enough.
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