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QUESTION: Dear Kiran,

I am more than eager to receive the reply to this question. I would be obliged if you could translate this phrase for me keeping the essence intact.

The phrase is "NEVER COULD I REPAY YOU".

This is a part of something I would want to do for my parents, dedicate it to them.

I will be waiting for your reply.

Thanking you in advance.

Nikita Nag.

ANSWER: The word 'you' is addressed to two people
i.e, your father and mother or to many?

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QUESTION: 'you' here in this phrase would be addressed to just my father & my mother (both).

युवाभ्यां न कदापि प्रतिदातुं शक्नोमि

Literally: I can never repay/return you [two].

Please let me know if further info is needed.

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