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Hi, I'm looking for a quote in the original Greek from Marcus Aurelius and I'm hoping that you can help me. The quote is from the Meditations, Book 6, Number 6. In my translation, the quote is, "The best revenge is not to do as they do."

I was also wondering if you knew of a translation, or could translate the quote into Latin.

Thank you!


The original Greek quote from Marcus Aurelius Meditations, Book 6, Number 6 is : Ἄριστος τρόπος τοῦ ἀμύνεσθαι τὸ μὴ ἐξομοιοῦσθαι, literally meaning :” The best way of defending oneself  is  not to become like [the wrongdoer]” where “the wrongdoer” is implied in “to become like” just to point out that the best way of avenging yourself  on  wicked men is not to become like those who do wrong, especially morally or ethically.

As for a translation into Latin, here it is:
”[Improbis] similem non esse optimus est se ipsum defendendi modus“.

Read more below.

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Note that:

Ἄριστος = the best  /OPTIMUS

τρόπος =way /MODUS

τοῦ ἀμύνεσθαι =of defending oneself /SE IPSUM DEFENDENDI

τὸ μὴ ἐξομοιοῦσθαι = [is] not to become like [the wrongdoer] /EST [IMPROBIS] SIMILEM NON ESSE.

As you can see, the Greek quote  omits the equivalent of the English verb "is" which is implied.

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