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hi, can you please please translate me the phrase beautifull ground or cultivated earth in latins? thanx!


If “Beautiful ground” refers to a garden, that is the land surrounding a house as well as a ground laid out with flowers, trees, and ornamental shrubs and used for recreation or display, here is the Latin translation: “Pulcher hortus” as well as "Hortus amoenus”.

Instead, if “Beautiful ground” is used in the sense of a beautiful/fertile soil, it translates as “Fertilis humus” as well as “Tellus fertilis”.

As for “Cultivated earth” in the sense of a productive land, a field, it corresponds to “ager” which means exactly ”cultivated earth”.

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Note that:

-beautiful = PULCHER ( adjective agreed with the masculine noun HORTUS) or FERTILIS (adjective agreed with the feminine nouns HUMUS / TELLUS)

-ground =HORTUS (nominative case, masculine noun, 2nd.declension) / HUMUS (nominative case, feminine noun, 2nd.declension) / TELLUS (nominative case,feminine  noun, 3rd. declension)

-cultivated earth =AGER (nominative case, masculine noun, 2nd.declension)

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