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Hello Maria,
I would greatly appreciate if you couls translate "life is a game" to latin for me.
Thank you.


actually there are at least  four translations of “life is a game”, according to the meaning of the noun “game” considered as an amusement, a pastime, a joke or a chance/venture/risk.
Latin is in fact a very precise language that uses different terms for the English word “game”.

So, here are the four translations:

-Vita lusus est”, where LUSUS  means “game done by way of amusement.

-“Vita ludus est”, where LUDUS means “game” as a pastime.

-“Vita alea est” , where ALEA means “game” as a risk/venture/chance.

-“Vita iocus est where IOCUS means “game” as a joke /jest.

Therefore you must choose the Latin sentence that corresponds to what you want to say when using the noun “game”.

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Note that:

-Life = VITA (subject, nominative case, 1st.declension)

-is =EST (3rd.person singular, present indicative of SUM, I am)

-a game =LUSUS (predicate, nominative case, 4th.declension) / LUDUS  (predicate, nominative case, 2nd.declension) / ALEA (predicate, nominative case, 1st.declension) / IOCUS (predicate, nominative case, 2nd.declension)

Finally note that word order in Latin can be different from languages like English as Latin is an inflected language where synctatic relationships are indicated by the endings, not by the order of the words.  

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