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What suggestions will you give to a person who has just started learning greek ?


actually your question is not so clear.

Have you started learning ancient Greek as an autodidact or have you a teacher?

If you are attending an ancient Greek course, the only suggestion I can give you is to follow lessons attentively.

If  on the contrary you are an autodidact, here are  some suggestions regarding self-learning textbooks and online sites:

-"First Greek Book" by John Williams White

-"Greek Grammar" by William W. Goodwin

-"Oxford Grammar of Classical Greek" by James Morwood

-"Greek: An Intensive Course" by Hardy Hansen, Gerald M. Quinn

-"Athenaze: An Introduction to Ancient Greek" by Gilbert Lawall, Maurice G. Balme

Learn Ancient Greek on the Web:

-Hellenistic Greek  by Micheal W. Palmer

-Learn Ancient Greek: Beginning

To conclude, I have to tell you that Ancient Greek grammar is quite difficult, especially with regard to the verbs.

Have a good work!

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