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Hello, I would like to know the translation to latin of the following sentences. "Trust in no one but God" and "Never forget that you are worth gold". thankyou so much for your time.


here are the translations you are looking for:

-“Nulli nisi Deo confide”
(“Trust in no one but God")

-“Noli umquam oblivisci te esse tanti”
("Never forget that you are worth gold)

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Note that:

-Trust = CONFIDE (2nd.person singular, present imperative of CONFIDO, I trust)

-in no one = NULLI (dative of  the pronoun NULLUS). The verb CONFIDO requires in fact the dative case.

-but = NISI

-God = DEO (dative of DEUS, 2nd.declension, depending on CONFIDO which takes the dative case)


-Never =UMQUAM

-forget = NOLI (2nd.person singular, present imperative of NOLO) OBLIVISCI (present infinitive of the deponent verb OBLIVISCOR). Prohibition is regularly expressed in classic prose by NOLI with the Infinitive.

-that you = TE (accusative as the subject of the Infinitive clause whose verb must be in the infinitive)

-are =ESSE (infinitive of the verb SUM, I am). This is the verb of the Infinitive clause

-worth  gold =TANTI (genitive of value/esteem.Literally meaning: “very much”).  Note that “you are worth gold” translates into Latin as it were:”you are worth a lot/very highly/very much).

Finally note that Latin word order can be different from English as Latin relationships are indicated by the endings, not by the order of the words.

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