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Hi , can you tell me how to translate the following into Latin please.

'God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
The courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know
The difference.

I understand if its difficult but thought I would ask all the same
It's for an inscription on a pendant for my partner.
Would be grateful if you can help




here’s the translation you asked me:

“Ea ferendi quae mutare non possum mihi serenitatem  concede, Deus, ea mutandi  quae mutare possum vim,  ac denique cognoscendi facultatem discriminis".

Read more below please.

Hope this can be helpful to you.

Best regards,



-God = DEUS (vocative case, 2nd.declension)

-grant = CONCEDE (2nd.person singular, imperative of  the verb CONCEDO)

-me = MIHI (dative of the 1st.person pronoun, since the verb DO takes the dative)

-the serenity = SERENITATEM (direct object, accusative of SERENITAS, 3rd.declension)

-to accept = FERENDI (genitive case, gerund of the verb  FERO)

-the things  = EA… QUAE (direct object, accusative neuter plural of the demonstrative pronoun IS  and the relative pronoun QUI)

-I cannot = NON POSSUM

-change = MUTARE (present infinitive of MUTO)

-the courage = VIM (direct object , accusative of VIS, 3rd.declension)

-to change = MUTANDI (genitive case, gerund of  MUTO)

-the things = EA ...QUAE (see above)

-I can = POSSUM.

- and = AC DENIQUE (literally, "and finally")

-the wisdom = FACULTATEM (direct object , accusative of FACULTAS, 3rd  declension)

-to know = COGNOSCENDI (genitive  gerundive of COGNOSCO )

-the difference =DISCRIMINIS (genitive of DISCRIMEN agreed with COGNOSCENDI)

As you can see,  Latin word order  is different from English,  for  Latin  is an inflected language (with five declensions and six cases) where each word changes ending, according to its role in a sentence and thus syntactical relationships are indicated by the endings, not by the order of the words.  

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