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Dear Maria,

I came across a Latin sentence which is introduced as a proverb
but I do not understand why it is a proverb.

Temporibus brumae iuxta ignem pocula sume.

Is there any background of this saying?  

Thank you.

Dear John,

The rhyming saying “Temporibus brumae iuxta ignem pocula sume” (In winter time, sit by the fire and raise your glass) is one of nearly 1500 medieval Latin sayings with rhyme that we read in “Philosophia Patrum “ ("Philosophy of our  forefathers" where "philosophy" is used in the sense of "Way of life"),an astonishing collection of medieval  Latin sayings just collected in 1869  by  the German author Julius Wegeler.

Note that the poets of ancient Rome did not write rhyming verse, but rhyme is a common feature of medieval Latin poetry, instead.

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