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Hi Maria I recently asked you to translate "Create" and "Connect" and you responded saying you needed to know whether I wanted use them imperative or infinitive.
I would like to know both translations. But I suppose the imperative version would make the most sense because the saying "Create and connect" is a mantra or set of rules to live by.
The idea is creating art/music or things that last longer than your life, and connecting with other people. That is the context in which I would like to use the words.


thanks for explaining your idea.
So, in the light of what you have said, here’s a correct translation of the saying "Create and connect" used as a mantra or set of rules to live by:

-“Crea et coniunge!” (2nd, person singular, Imperative of the verbs CREO, I create [1st conjugation ]  and CONIUNGO, I connect [3rd.conjugation])

If on the contrary you want to use the verb “create” and “connect” in the infinitive mood, you must say:

-“Creare et coniungere” (=to create/creating and  to connect /connecting. Infinitives of the verb CREO and CONIUNGO)

Lastly, if you want to use “Create” and “Connect” as stand alone words, you must say:

-“Creare” (to create/creating)
-“Coniungere” (to connect /connecting).

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