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Dear Maria,

My fiance has a degree in Classical languages. I am hoping to find a Latin expression for the wish of "safe travels" that implies some sort of intimacy between the well-wisher and the traveler (the phrase will be embroidered inside of a handsome travel bag).  

To this end, I was wondering if you could help me translate the following phrase into Latin: "Safe travels, my love."
Could this be a correct translation? "Bene ambula et redambula, mi amor."

Additionally, are there any other Latin phrases (or even short prayers or quotes) that might convey a similar sentiment?  The "bene ambula" phrase seems a little plain to my ears.  What Latin phrases would you recommend to bid a loved one safe and prosperous journeys?

Thank you in advance for your help!

Dear Margaret,

“Safe travels, my love" can be translated as follows:

-"Bene ambula et redambula, ocelle mi!" (A happy walk there to you, and a happy walk back, my little eye/my darling/my love), “where both “Bene ambula et redambula” and “ocelle mi” are quotes from Plautus (See below)

-"Bene ambula et redambula, mel meum!" (A happy walk there to you, and a happy walk back, my honey), where both “Bene ambula et redambula” and “mel meum” are quotes from Plautus (See below).

-“Vade feliciter, mea vita!” (Go happily, my life/my love), where “Vade feliciter” is a quotation from Seneca, while “mea vita” is from Cicero (See below)

So, you may choose the translation you like best.

Have a nice day,

Note that:

-“Bene ambula et redambula” is from Plautus, Captivi, Act  4, Scene 2, line 121;

-“ocelle mi” and “mel meum” are from  Plautus, Trinummus (The Three Pieces of Money), Act 2, Scene 1, lines 26-27

-“Vade feliciter” is from Seneca, Naturales Quaestiones, book 6, chapter 32, section 6

-”mea vita” is from Cicero, Ad Familiares, 14,4  

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