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Hello, I am in need of the proper latin translation for "I will live and die for my family". My son as always loved this phrase and now that he is the military I am carving him our family crest as and would love to incorporate this phrase unto it. Thank you for your help.


“I will live and die for my family” translates as follows:”Pro mea vivam  familia et moriar” as well as “Pro mea familia et vivam et moriar” with a different word order which in Latin can be variable because Latin is an inflected language where grammatical relationships are indicated by the ending of the words, not by their order.

Please note that:

-I will live = VIVAM (1st person singular, future tense of the verb “vivo”)
-and =ET
-die = MORIAR (1st person singular, future tense of the deponent verb “morior”)
-for = PRO (preposition which takes the ablative case)
-my = MEA (ablative feminine singular of the possessive adjective “meus” agreeing with FAMILIA)
-family = FAMILIA (ablative case of the feminine noun “familiă”, 1st declension, whose ablative has the macron on the A, i.e. “familiā”. Note that the "macron" is the mark (¯ ) that is placed over a vowel in Latin to show that the vowel is long, while the “breve” is the diacritical mark  shaped like the bottom half of a circle as for example  in the nominative case “familiǎ ” where the -ǎ shows that the vowel is short).
Hope all is clear enough.Feel free however to ask me again.

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