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Ancient Languages/Hello would you be able to translate something into Latin for me?


My fiancé wants to get rings made for us for our anniversary and he wanted to have it inscribed and is set on having "Until my last breath" inscribed in Latin around the band but I don't really trust that google translate would give an accurate translation... Would you be able to tell me??


“Until my last breath” translates as “Usque ad ultimum spiritum” or  “Usque ad extremum spiritum”, just  as we read in Cicero,“Cato Maior:de senectute” (Cato the Elder: on old age), chapter 27.

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Note that:

-Until = USQUE AD ( this preposition takes the accusative case)

-my = this possessive adjective is omitted as it is understood in Latin.

-last  = ULTIMUM (accusative masculine of the adjective ULTIMUS  agreeing with SPIRITUM) or EXTREMUM (accusative masculine of the adjective EXTREMUS agreeing with SPIRITUM)

-breath = SPIRITUM ((accusative case of the masculine noun  SPIRITUS, 4th.declension)  

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