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Hello. I would like to translate a phrase into Latin for an art project
the phrase is: "What you do in life Echoes in Eternity"


“What you do in life Echoes in Eternity” can be translated as follows:

1-“Quod in vita facis, in aeternum  resonat “ (literal)

2-“Aeternitas tuae  resonat vitae  tamquam imago” (literally meaning:”Eternity echoes as an image of your life”, i.e. “Eternity is as it were the very echo of your life"[as an adaptation of a Cicero's quote in “Tusculan Disputations”, book III, chapter 2].

To sum up, you can choose the translation that you like better.

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Grammatical analysis.

1-As for the literal translation of "What you do in life echoes in eternity", please note that:

-What = QUOD (relative pronoun, neuter)
-you do = FACIS (2nd.person singular, present indicative of FACIO)
-in life = IN VITA (IN + the ablative of VITA, 1st.declension)
-echoes = RESONAT (3rd person singular, present indicative of RESONO)
-in eternity =  IN AETERNUM (adverbial expression)

2-As for “Aeternitas  tuae resonat vitae tamquam imago” (literally meaning: “Eternity echoes as an image of your life ”), note that:

-AETERNITAS (nominative, 3rd.declension) = eternity
-RESONAT (3rd.person singular, present indicative of RESONO) = echoes
-TAMQUAM (conjunction) =as
-IMAGO (nominative, 3rd.declension) = an image
-TUAE (genitive feminine of the possessive adj. TUUS agreeing with the noun VITAE)= of your
-VITAE (genitive of the feminine noun VITA, 1st.declension)=  life

Latin word order can be different from English, for Latin is an inflected language where grammatical relationships are indicated by the ending, not by the order of the words.  

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