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Hi Maria - I need to know if my translation into latin for an English phrase is correct. My motto as a student (please forgive the cursing) is "Study like hell!", and I'm trying to work out exactly how this would be written in Latin, as I intend to have a sign made of it to keep on my desk to help motivate me.

The closest I could get using Google Translate seemed to be "Studium sicut infernum!" this correct?

Thank you for your help.


First of all I have to point out that it’s impossible to give you a literal translation of the phrase "Study like hell!" into Latin, because the masculine noun “infernus”  meaning “hell” was introduced in Ecclesiastical Latin, that is to say in Late Latin, and therefore in classical Latin nobody would have used the term “infernus”.

In short, if you want "Study like hell!" to be translated in good Latin, you could say as follows:

-”Vehementissime stude!”(literally, “Study  very vehemently!”)
-“Studiosissime  disce!” (literally, “Learn very studiously!”)
-“Te totum ad studium confer !” (literally, “Devote yourself to the study entirely!”)

All the above-mentioned sentences are correct, of course, and then you can choose the one you like best.

As for “Studium sicut infernum!”, I’m sorry, but it is absolutely wrong and makes no sense at all in Latin.


Note that:

-Study =STUDE (2nd person singular, present imperative of STUDEO) or DISCE (2nd person singular, present imperative of DISCO) or CONFER (2nd person singular, present imperative of CONFERO)

-like hell =VEHEMENTISSIME (superlative of the adverb VEHEMENTER) or STUDIOSISSIME (superlative of the adverb STUDIOSE) or TE TOTUM AD STUDIUM.

As you can see, Latin word order can be different from English for Latin is an inflected language where grammatical relationships are indicated by the ending of the words, not by their order.

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