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I was wondering if you could give me the correct greek translation of
"As far as this can reach" as spoken by King Agesilaus.

thanks, Austin


First of all,  the original words as spoken by King Agesilaus are:  ἄχρις   οὗ  τοῦτο  φθάνοι, just meaning “As far as this can reach” which  is nothing but the English translation of the original ancient Greek quotation that we read in  Plutarch, ”Apophthegmata Laconica“ (literally: ”Spartan sayings”), section 210e, where Plutarch (Greek historian, biographer and essayist, died in 120 AD) says that, being asked once how far the bounds of Sparta extended, Agesilaus said, brandishing his spear : ἄχρις   οὗ  τοῦτο  φθάνοι (As far as this can reach), just to point out that Sparta's boundaries stretched as far as his spear, i.e. Spartan soldiers, could arrive.

In short, ἄχρις   οὗ  τοῦτο  φθάνοι  are the original words as spoken by King Agesilaus ( ruling from approximately 400 BC to 360 BC).

Note that:

ἄχρις  οὗ  (adverb) = as far as

τοῦτο (subject, nominative neuter singular, demonstrative pronoun) = this, referring to the spear(τὸ δόρυ in Greek) that Agesilaus  was brandishing  

φθάνοι (3rd person singular, present optative mood of the verb φθάνω) = can reach

Hope all is clear enough.

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