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Alan Christian wrote at 2007-01-03 00:42:25
It is my belief that the boots Andy wears are called Wellingtons.

Commodore Collins wrote at 2007-01-15 01:16:33
The boots that Andy Griffith wore were either Justin or Acme boots. My dad wore them a lot. What dumps is the fact that I seem to have trouble finding a style number. They had 8 1/2 tops, a flat heel and leather soles. They came in a black or brown color.

Commodore Collins

ck wrote at 2007-02-18 09:48:44
Andy also wore the same type boots, not to mention his searsucker suit, on Matlock.  I assume he grew used to them at some point.

Jert wrote at 2007-06-09 00:30:25
 I'm not sure about the standard for police boots or shoes in that era, but I worked with a man in the early 60's that wore the same boots that Sheriff Tayor wore in the series. They were called engineer boots then, today Justin boots make a boot just like those boots called Ropers.

Gary wrote at 2011-01-18 22:00:53
In those days, the late 50's early 60's Andy's boots were Wellington dress boots. I wore them myself. Many did. The pants caught in the boots were a fashion statement as long as they got caught naturally, not contrived.

Mark wrote at 2011-11-24 21:43:54
I read somewhere Andy had feet problems and that's why he wore those boots

Rmp wrote at 2014-11-06 03:45:36
Yes, Wellington boots. My dad wore them faithfully for years.  They were decidedly not western style, more equestrian, English, dress looking with a low heel, round toe and a loose top that made them very comfortable.  As a teen I wore old ones my dad had stopped wearing and I loved the cool way they would sometimes catch your paints leg.  I wanted to be my dad and it was his and Andy's look, one paints leg caught on top of the boot.  These boots are impossible to find now. Drives me nuts that they are forgotten

Austin wrote at 2015-10-19 02:29:20
Andy Griffith was also a very big man (his was frequently called "The Gentle Giant"). Take a look sometime at the size of the man's feet. When you've got big feet (which I do) it can be hard to find comfortable shoes, so you've gotta make do with what you can find. A comfy pair of slip-on boots can be invaluable.

Frank wrote at 2015-12-23 20:34:57
you can still find this type of boot on ebay. Acme brand is the most common. You can also find Justin sometimes. There are others as well such as Bates but you won't find the leather sole on tehm.

DBuck wrote at 2016-01-30 16:12:23
These boots can be found at most western boot stores.  Lucchese makes the best version, Justin, Ariat, and Frye are good too.  

Mike wrote at 2017-03-22 23:09:27
I lived in Tennessee in the late 1950's.  The type of boot Andy wore were called "Wellington" boots.  It was common to see pant legs caught in one of the boots, because they were short, and when a man got up from a sitting position, his pant leg would just land on the boot top.  At that time Acme made a Wellington boot, and the tops dipped in the middle, so that the back and the front of the boot were higher than the sides; this naturally caused the pant tops to catch there. The closest thing to those boots today is the so-called "roper" boot, made by a number of companies now, such as Justin, Lucchese, and Ariat to name a few.  Unlike the Wellingtons that Andy Taylor wore, "roper"-style boot tops do not dip in the middle; they are rounded very slightly at each end, and this pretty much prevents pant cuffs from catching in them.  The reason I know all this stuff is that back in the 1960's I owned two pairs of the Andy-style Wellington boots, and now I own several pair of "roper"-style boots right now.

Mike wrote at 2017-03-23 17:56:55
Occasionally (but very infrequently)the Andy-style boot is listed on eBay.  The Acme version is called the "Hawkeye".  Today 3/23/2017 there are two pairs listed, one black, one brown.  I just bought the brown ones.

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