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Anesthesiology/reactions to anesthesia during and after surgery


Melissa wrote at 2013-07-27 06:02:20
Hi .. Last year (in SW Florida) I had an oral extraction for four of my teeth..age 34 then and this was two months after my tubal litigation. I have exactly the SAME complications you are describing and feels like I suffered a O2 deprivation,or mild stroke under general with local anesthesia as well! With in 3.5 weeks I had been back to the oral surgeon once for lower right jaw pain ( dx now as TMJ and dislocated jaw from surgery and I believe the Intubation) also.. twice to a Primary and Nuero appt.

I began becoming worse... more head pains,dizzy,nueropathy on my left side and word finding problems..Speaking/reading/writing horribly.. 3.5 weeks after I asked my Husband to take me to the ER immediately when my face drooped and left side gave out, throwing up,fever,chills, dizzier, couldn't speak,or think..every exact sign of a stroke. I had CtScans and MRI's,but nothing large enough for a significant brian bleed, yet many mini strokes are not detected at times.  My EEG was abnormal and they have found discoveries that a person could have a mini stroke detected on an EEG being abnormal. Had been admitted  in the Hospital for 5 1/2 days with all testing performed..I worked at this Hospital several years ago,s o was nice I knew many previous co-workers,yet couldn't recall their names mostly. dazed..  And dx with a hemiphlegic migraine with aura,which normally a person will regain their normal cognitive abilities not long after these migraine's....I unfortunately have not...

.. It's been 11 months and still having issues,as you explained. Sad truly,cause we appear "normal",yet aren't.. I'm leaving you with a link to read, as this recently helped me..ALOT and my Husband to understand more,cause that makes a huge difference with many that look at us and think we're making this up...we're NOT.    please read :)

Had a Nueropysch  test ( audio was bad in left ear now and cognitive delays frontal lobe with several others) & a MMPI testing done to see where and how much damage was caused. I also have hormonal problems with cysts,PCOS and high estrogen/low progesterone and low cortisol. I believe this was the underlining condition contributing to my anesthesia nightmare during and after my surgery,or a brain abscess from the infection from my wisdom teeth being infected. I', puzzled, but I have become worse memory wise now..brocas' aphasia really was horrible with four children and their school work and lifting objects,a I now have ( secondary) cervical dystonia as a result from that surgery. I receive quarterly Botox injections all up and down my back for my arthritis,cervical dystonia too. It has taken a toll from my lfe...My Family's life and like you.. Many doctors haven't a clue exactly why yet.. I think truly...the reaction from too much anesthesia compounds lowered my O2 levels during my surgery and mild brain injury occurred. low iron anemia doesn't help with no blood work prior to sx. I hope you ..and i become better and sorry you have to love through this, as your loved ones with you..It bothers me emotionally daily and everyone around me,as I fear each migraine,or headache that comes i will have to relive that day I lost my speech and thought I was suffering  a full stroke..scared every day and NOT on triptian's either cause of this,rather one pain medications instead..Good Luck :)  

Lori wrote at 2015-05-11 12:21:33
Hi Deborah:

I just went searching online to see if people can get:  dyslexia, short term memory loss and trouble concentrating AFTER surgery/anesthesia - and your story popped up!  I am grateful that I am not alone in this.  I have noticed these 3 symptoms since my hysterectomy 5 months ago... and they STILL havent gone away.  I am hoping they eventually will and just wanted to know how you are doing now?  I am older - 55 years old in August and I have worked with the sick and elderly recovering from surgery etc... I notice THEY never fully bounce back, but I thought that was for people typically 70 year old or older.  Again I am only 55 and this is effecting my work performance.  I have also heard that some people take up to 6 months to a year to bounce back from anesthesia... I hope you are well.   LORI


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