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Anesthesia Excerpt
Anesthesia Excerpt  
QUESTION: I have an anesthesia log for a procedure that was done on my wife a few months ago.  In the "notes" section, there is a remark that looks like "WPat @ 0850" and something right above it that is illegible.

What does it mean?

ANSWER: WPat is another anesthesiologist who assumed care and responsibility for your wife's anesthetic at 8:50 AM relieving the prior provider.  OR, if the person IN THE OR with your wife had been a CRNA (certified registered nurse anesthetist), then WPAT is another CRNA giving the first one a break or relief (say, from an earlier 8 or 12 hour shift).   In some places CRNAs practice independently (without an MD supervising or laying out an anesthetic plan tailored to the pt's particular needs).  The particular situation that occurred with your wife's anesthetic can be provided by the anesthesia department where she had her surgery.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: So this person relieved the other one at both 8:50 -and- 9:10?  I has assumed wpat was some drug administered or some such because of the two time stamps.  Thanks!

Well, now I've changed my mind---sorry--but I did not see or open the attachment you originally provided;  I took your word for it that it said WPat @ 0850---which is not what I now think it says.

Instead I think it reads:  iv port 0850 and iv port 0910.  Which is a bit peculiar since the drugs are always given intravenously, and always through a port!  So the written remark is quite a redundancy  [I'd have written "0850: neostig 3"].........Was your wife's surgery/anesthetic conducted at a teaching hospital with either anesthesia residents, nurse anesthetist students or anesthesia assistant students?---any of whom may have been quite green at the time/ early in their training and wrote the note as we see it.


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