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Anesthesiology/What causes a patient not to wake up after being on Propofol in hospital


My dad is 66 had a chest tube put in and was put on propofol like for five days his drip was taken off two days ago and has not awoken he only opens his eyes when nurses turn him in the bed what could have caused him not to wake up i am so worried

I probably need more details to answer this question. You don't put someone on Propofol for just a chest tube. Propofol tends to wear off quickly but if he was on it for 6 days it will collect in the fat and be released slowly. So because of that (plus any underlying medical problems that caused the docs to put him on the Propofol), he may not be waking up. If his docs feel this is an issue, they will get an EEG or CT to evaluate.

Ronald Levy, MD
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