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Anesthesiology/LA and permanent brain and nerve injury


During a dental surgery (radix relictae)in a severely inflamed and infected bone I had severe reactions to the local anesthetic. I lost my hearing and the ability to speak, I had double vision, tremor of the hands, ataxia, heart palpitations and a feeling of euphoria.
When I came home the symptoms worsened. My heart rate dropped, and it felt like the heart was jumping out of my chest. There was a tingling sensation in the head and arms, and the body felt abnormally overheated. My conciousness was blurred, and I was unable to get up and call for help.
During the following months I had a lot of neurological symptoms similar to those of Guillain Barre syndrome. I saw a neurologist and had a MRI of the brain. It showed 20-30 unspecific WM-lesions and some lesions of the pons. The neurologist found hyperreflexia, radiculopathy and loss of coordination and sensation. My condition is now debilitating, involving the peripheral and autonomic nerve systems.

Doctors have not found any predispositions to neurological illness. I don't drink alcohol, I'm not a diabetic, and I was in an excellent physical state prior to the dental surgery.

My question to you is:
Is it my neurological condition a sequela of the local anesthetic? Are ischaemic sequelae of a toxic reaction to LA related to specific patterns on a brain MRI?

No, I don't believe the neurological problems you're experiencing are local anesthetic-related.  Ischaemic sequelae and toxic reactions are two different matters for the most part, the former unlikely around the time of local usage unless a serious heart arrthymia is triggered, which does not seem to be the case with you.  A toxic or an ischaemic result from a local anesthetic would not have a specific finding on MRI--only a general one.  I should note, however, that an MRI expert/radiologist is probably a more qualified person to whom this question might be posed.  


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