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I would just like to ask you if you think that kinesiology is a good undergrad before applying for med school? I enjoy playing sports and helping people and I have pretty good grades (90+ average). Also, I'm doing a project at school and I was wondering if you could answer a question for me? What are good courses to take throughout high school that would be beneficial to the path I'm trying to take? And do you think it's important to have lots of volunteer hours? What would be an ideal amount?


You can major in anything you want as long as you complete all the required pre-med courses. Kinesiology is fine as a major. There are no specific HS courses for medical school as you will get all the courses you need in college, but any science and math courses would be helpful to prepare you for college courses. As for volunteering, there is no requirement or set # of hours. Do what you enjoy doing and the hours will come naturally.

Ronald Levy, MD
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