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Hi, I just had surgery on my kidney. I had asked my surgeon 3 weeks prior if I could have the Foley catheter placed before being put under general anesthesia. He agreed. On the day of my surgery, I asked him again along with the head OR nurse and a few other nurses, who all agreed. They informed me that one of the medications they would give me would cause amnesia. I asked to hold off on all meds so I could remember the catheter insertion. They all agreed, including the anesthesiologist who was very rude about agreeing (yet she did). She was fiddling with something behind my bed in OR Prep, and I began to get drowsy on the way to the OR. I have fragmented memories of what came next as I was drifting in and out of conciousness. My question is this: Was it wrong of that anesthesiologist to agree to honor my request as she was literally violating my trust by administering meds. behind my back? How much conrol should a patient have over such issues (when it was not medically necessary to administer Versed for me AT THAT TIME and I was not asking anyone to comprimise my care with special requests that could get a doctor or myself in trouble?

If the doctor agreed to your request, then she should honor that request. I am a little surprised that you would want to remember the foley insertion as it tends to be uncomfortable, but if that was your wish (and everyone agreed) then it should have been followed. A competent patient has complete control over their medical care (even to their own detriment). Likewise, a healthcare worker has the right to agree to that treatment or to refer you to someone who does. Having agreed, they were obligated to abide by your wishes.

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