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sir, my mom has been detected as IHD patient.She has a 14mm stone in her gall bladder .we are scared to go for laproscopic methd of stone removal , as it is not safe for her since in that method general anaesthisia will be used .Sir can we go for other operation methods for stone removal which inolves the usage of local anaesthisia will it has any impact on her heart.please do reply to my question sir.thanking you.

There is no problem with general anesthesia if it is performed by a qualified anesthesiologist and laparoscopic surgery is better than open surgery for this problem. You cannot do this procedure under local anesthesia. The only procedure you could do under local (which I would not recommend) is a Cholecystostomy (where they percutaneously [with X-ray] put a cannula into the gallbladder to remove the stone). This procedure is usually done only as a last resort in people to sick to undergo any anesthesia.

Ronald Levy, MD
Professor of Anesthesiology


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