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Anesthesiology/Safety of versedn Benedryl and Nardil combined for short upper cytoscopy


My wife has been on 30mg Nardil for some 25yrs, She recently underwent an upper cystoscopy by a Gastroenterologist to examine her for possible bleeding and cause of her anemia . She is 76yrs old  has interstitial lung disease, scleroderma,erosive esophagitis, a non functioning esophagus and v.lttle motiliy of GI tract due to scleroderma. They want to do another scope and I wonder is this conminations of IV drugs safe for her or would an anesthisiologist be more appropriate using profonol.  Thanks load

Both versed and benadryl are poor choices of agents/drugs in this age group owing to their prolonged effects in the elderly.  This is especially true of your wife with other complicating factors here. Given her risks, only a board-certified anesthesiologist should be making anesthesia decisions about her.  [And though you have not asked,  Why is a gastroenterologist making cyctoscopy decisions and not a board-certified urologist?  A cystoscopy is not an innocuous procedure;  a ruptured ureter in your wife (with scleroderma) would be catastrphic.]


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