Hi I had a pacemaker put in last Friday. I am a 21 year old male. It was a bladder pacemaker. They put me out for the surgery. So far this pacemaker works great. I have not been able to pee in 6 years and since last Friday I have been able to pee normal again. But here is my question for you. I have not been able to sleep ever since last Friday. Every night I am wide awake. I use to be able to fall asleep at 1:30am. Now I don't fall asleep until 5:00am or later. I have to take meletonin to go to sleep. I started with 5mg that worked for one night. I am now up to 10mg of meletonin just to fall asleep and it still takes me awhile to fall asleep. I have not told my doctor I am taking this yet. I am just wondering is it normal for my sleeping pattern to change and should I contact my doctor to talk to him about it. I also have cluster headaches which are bad right now because of the lack of sleep I am getting. Thanks.

Your sleeping pattern should not change from anesthesia and these are probably not related. You should definitely talk to your doctor before self-prescribing. Meletonin can help you sleep but there are better medications for that and you should discuss these issues with your primary physician.

Ronald Levy, MD
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