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Hello, I have a cold.  Started with sore throat and ear ache two days ago.  Now it's just a slight dry cough, getting out of breath and just overall being tired.  I'm supposed to start my Osmoprep tomorrow (Sunday) and my colonoscopy is scheduled for Monday morning.  Will they still go ahead with this if I have a cold?  I don't want to go through the prep or have to pay for another round if they will cancel it when I get there on Monday.
Thank you.

Typically, the colonoscopy is one hour or less.  Will you have an anesthesiologist present, or is the physician performing the colonoscopy while  directing a registered nurse to administer intravenous sedation?  Exactly who is administering your sedation will determine what medications are used and how deeply sedated you will be.  A deeper sedation may be unsafe and worsen your breathing difficulties.  

I know the prep is unpleasant, but it is critical to having a good colonoscopic examination.  Take the prep, and go to your scheduled procedure.  The final decision will rest with your physician, and his or her physical examination of you tomorrow morning will determine whether or not you proceed with the colonoscopy.


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