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When Propofol is given before Endoscopy, is it administered by injection or do they use a mask over the face? I would be very anxious, would they give a sedative before giving the Propofol, if requested?

Propofol is an anesthetic given through the vein that is used to induce the onset of general anesthesia. As such, it's use is restricted to providers trained in the administration of general anesthesia. It is commonly used to provide sedation during colonoscopies and upper GI endoscopies. Sedation during endoscopic procedures may consist of a combination of medications. Midazolam, a medication similar to Valium, may be used to reduce anxiety prior to the start of the procedure. Propofol, combined with a potent but very short acting narcotic such as remifentanil, is then used to provide sedation and pain relief for the procedure itself. Oxygen Is commonly administered, either by nasal cannula or by a simple face mask. The advantage of these types of medication is that they are very short acting. Patients typically only spend a short period of time after the procedure in the endoscopy recovery area before they are ready to go home with their caretaker.

Please speak with your anesthesiologist before your procedure. He or she will discuss your medical history and your preferences and, with your input, will select the best anesthetic plan for you.

Thank you for this very interesting question. I am confident that others facing the same procedure will benefit from your inquiry.


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