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Anesthesiology/The anesthesiast described genreal anesthesia to me it sounded so scary! Please help


Hello, am due to have minor surgery as an outpatient and the other day I met up wi the aneasthesiast and I asked him what's it like to be put to sleep he said that it may hurt going up ur arm slightly then when it gets to your head you will go very dizzy and hear like a whooshing noise like sumone is spinning something by your ear and then you will be out, well this does not sound like a nice way to go under! Does all general anesthesia do this befor you go to sleep? I don't even drink as I don't like the light headnes of alcohol so the going dizzy bit and hearing a Wooding noise sounds so horrible! I though you would just gently go asleep?

Thank You!

It sounds to me as if your anaesthetist was [badly] attempting to make light of a serious matter to allay your fears prior to surgery and anesthesia. No, all anesthesia does not do this.  Your post-op description of 'what happened' will probably differ greatly from what you/he described--and for the better.


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