Can IV Dilaudid
actually have a paradoxical reaction after surgery. My wife had no pain relief after surgery from Dilaudid.

The short answer is "yes." Dilaudid, like all opioids (morphine, meperidine, fentanyl) are commonly used intravenous pain medications around the time of surgery.  From the chemical perspective, all of these medications work on pain receptors to control an individual's perception of pain.  However, these same medications also affect receptors that have nothing to do with pain. Instead, they can produce nausea, itching, or mental status changes. While most patients become sedated after receiving opioids, some react "paradoxically" and can be very agitated.  But because Dilaudid produced this response in your wife does not mean that all opioids will produce the same reaction.  Notifying your physician about this reaction will prompt him or her to administer an alternative pain medication.


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