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I will be going in for my Hysterectomy in May so I have a little over 2 months to prepare. I currently take wellburtin xl 300mg , buspar 30mg, gemfibrozil 600mg , mulit vitamin and omega 3 fish oil 2400mg. Are any of these medications safe to take while being under anesthesia? If they are not then weening off of these for the next two weeks ( under doctors care of course) will it be safe by first week of May? I appreciate your time. Thank you

No problems with any of those medications with respect to anesthesia---we see many patients having many different types of anesthetics regularly who are taking these and a combination of these medicines.
(Theoretically, the omega-3 supplements could cause an increase in bleeding during the time of surgery---however, despite the widespread use of omega-3 supplements around the time of surgery most of the time they are NOT discontinued, and I have not heard of any bleeding issues ever "blamed" on them.  Surgeons will often insist on discontinuing aspirin prior to surgery, but not omega-3's which work by a similar go figure......!)


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