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Anesthesiology/effects of general anaesthesia in infant


hi doctor,
my baby is 13 months old...she has cyst(sinus)on her anterior chest wall which is congenital.there was abcess n pus formation in to suggested to remove it...pls tell me is there any side effects of GA on 13 month old baby???i hope it will not cause any brain development problem on her in future...although she is very active n healthy...)


Thank you for the question. The short answer to your question about anesthetic-induced developmental problems in a 13 month-old....very very unlikely. Given that your child is otherwise healthy and undergoing a relatively brief(less than 2 hours) procedure, the risk of neurological problems following routine general anesthesia is extremely low. In contrast, developmental concerns have been described in children undergoing open heart surgery. But the connection between anesthesia and brain development in these children is not entirely clear; many of the children with congenital cardiac abnormalities often have problems with other organ systems, like kidney, bones, brain, and spinal cord.

It will help allay your anxiety if you discuss these concerns with your daughter's anesthesiologist prior to surgery.


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