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Anesthesiology/Allergy to Versed, Propofol, & Fentanyl???


When I am coming out of anesthesia I experience hyperventilation, trashing, and muscular stiffness I am completely unaware of it and some nurses say it looks and appears like a seizure. My vital signs remain stable but I do become a little sweaty. But once I am given more versed or an antihistamine I am ok. The episodes last from several minutes to an hour or so. The dosage of the medication are very small.

This is not an allergy but rather a common reaction to emergence from anesthesia. As you go from asleep to awake, you go through, what is referred to as, Stage II. In this state, you are hyperactive, irregular breathing, often flailing your arms try to reach for the endotracheal tube, etc. Let your anesthesiologist in the future know about this so he can try to lessen the effect.

Ronald Levy, MD
Professor of Anesthesiology


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