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My platelet count has been hovering between 94-105 and I was told that I may or may not be able to get an epidural during labor. I was told it would be up to the anesthesiologist. What are the chances of getting the epidural? I have heard the cutoff is 100 but have heard of some administering it lower. Is it a personal policy Rolf the anesthesiologist? Will the cutoff change from person to person? Will they look at my count history if I'm too low at the time of birth and maybe administer since I've been consistent?

I don't know "Rolf the anesthesiologist"--so I have no idea what his personal policy is. Because there are many factors involved with the decision to chose an epidural during childbirth--and the platelet count is just one of them-- I would arrange with the anesthesiologist well in advance of delivery to determine what the best way to proceed should be in your case.   Assuming EVERYTHING else is A-OK,  a platelet count around 100 is not a contraindication to a labor epidural (and every word of that sentence is important!).  Best wishes.


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