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About 4 months ago my roommate underwent a small surgery to remove a cyst. He was given anesthesia and was up about 2 hours later. He does not have any post-surgery paint or disability, and ever since the procedure, it feels like he is a different person. I've had many conversations regarding his newly acquired lack of empathy and newly found selfishness. He has no self-awareness to the change, and many, many people can see that he has gone from being the kindest man you will ever meet to one you want to get away from almost immediately. I was just considering that maybe the surgery had an odd side-effect on him because that is the only time I can document his personality change.

Thank you!

Without knowing any more details, it is extremely unlikely that the anesthesia (or surgery for that matter) led to the personality change. Occasionally you see these kinds of changes in the elder population but I am presuming your roommate is rather young. While I can't explain the time coincidence, if multiple people are noticing the change, it is important for it to be evaluated  (either by a neurologist or a psychologist) to make sure there is no other underlying organic pathology going on.

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