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I am a 38-year-old female,I'm having a tummy tuck and lipo soon, and I'm anxious about being put under for 5 hours.  I am overweight (my BMI is 30) but otherwise healthy, blood pressure is low, I'm on Concerta and Effexor.  I had an epidural giving birth, also I had a breast reduction surgery that took 2 hours.  So my question is, should I not worry since I had no problems with anesthesia before, or the length of the surgery is cause for concern?  Thanks.

While 5 hours seems like a long time, it really isn't. We routinely do cases of 8 to 20 hours with little increase in risk for the average patient. You will likely feel a little more groggy post surgery but other than that, there is nothing to worry about.

Ronald Levy, MD
Professor of Anesthesiology


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