I am wanting to get a breast augmentation done but I am currently taking oxycotton 40mg three times times a day plus two  5 mg oxyIR twice a day also. I have researched and researched for an answer to my concern with the anesthetics. Will it effect my procedure or or me going under ? Would the surgeon have me tamper down or not take it before I go in? I get very sick when I don't take it though but have have been so excited about having my breast procedure done. I appreciate your response!

Patients who have chronic pain issues often need anesthesia for other reasons--such as yourself--and will need an adjustment of their anesthetic to compensate for the various effects of the medications they take.  And this is pretty common stuff in anesthesia circles.  Let your anesthesiologist know what medications you're taking;  if he is board-certified he will be quite familiar with how to address the matter.
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