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My husband had an upper GI test done under anesthesia 3 days ago.  Since then his HR has been at least 130 bpm. He takes Lisinopril and Verampamil. Is this normal? What should we do?  Thank you so much for your time.

This is very abnormal. I would suggest a visit to the doctor to verify the exact rythym and determine if your verapamil needs to be increased in dosage. You made need a different medication altogether. Vagal maneuvers may help in some cases. Vagal maneuvers could include pressure applied to one side of the next over the carotid artery or ice around the neck or head. Another vagal maneuver is to valsalva; that is to breath out against a closed airway, like when you strain.  

I hope you are able to quickly resolve your issue and discover the cause.

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