I will be having an endoscopy done under propofol soon.

I am wondering how safe this is and if there are any risks.
Also -- Will I be able to attend meetings or social events after the procedure later in the day?

Thank you for your help!


Propofol anesthesia is a great way to have your endoscopy!  I find that compared to the traditional use of midazolam, meperidine, and fentanyl, continuous propofol infusion provides more reliable amnesia. It also has a shorter elimination time, meaning that recovery from its effects is much faster.  This is the rationale for its common use in outpatient procedures.

But it does carry some risks.  Propofol is more likely to seriously impair breathing if too much is given...that is one of many reasons that in my hospitals, an anesthesiologist must be present during the administration of propofol.  It can decrease blood pressure, but is a short-lived effect in the endoscopy environment.  

As far as activity later in the day, it varies for each patient.  Some patients feel ready to get on with their routine within six hours, other patients may need twelve.  


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