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Anesthesiology/Low HR/BP surgery date 7/31/13


Had laproscopic total hysterecomy excluding ovaries . Surgery began at 1pm. In recovery until 9pm BP 90/54 which is in case fairly normal for me.. Heartrate dropped to 40 .. Was moved to ACUTE watch. When my HR would not come up.. No pain meds were given because of HR... Cardiac workup normal.. But still scared.. Now checking pulse constantly, I tried to question Dr. With no real answer except a sometimes that happens.. Heard recovery Staff state I had stopped breathing x2 .. Do you believe this was because of too much anesthsia..
Thank you for your time

I do not believe it was too much anesthesia but without looking at the record, I can't even speculate why your HR was so low. You may be very sensitive to narcotics. I would recommend getting a copy of your anesthesia record so that if you need further surgery, the next anesthesiologist can refer to that.

Ronald Levy, MD
Professor of Anesthesiology


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