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I really want to a crna. I have yet to shadow one to know for sure but I am, intrigued by anesthesia. my question is, have you read Morgan and Mikhails "Clinical Anesthesia"? I really want a book start reading on topics I will learn in CRNA school starting with the basics.Also, if you could recommend a Basics of Nurse Anesthesia book and lastly, a Pharm book. I am an LPN and starting a bridge program next month, next year I plan to have my bsn. I have some time but am anxious to dive into nurse anesthesia so if you could please share some recommendations it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Hey there Myriam

Thank you for the question and I applaud your hutzpah!

Here is what I would say. Slow down a little! You need to pass RN school with high grades and work in a critical care unit for at least 2 years to even be competitive for CRNA school. So at this point you have about 3-4 years before you are really able to apply assuming you can get right into an ICU upon graduating RN school.

Reading books used in CRNA school now will not really be helpful at this stage. Nurse Anesthesia education builds upon RN education and experience. At this point you have a considerable amount of learning to do before you are ready! My advice is to get books for your RN program and start reading them ahead of time. Get more familiar with what you will be learning as an RN.

Work hard and do well in RN school and clinical then when you have finished start looking forward to CRNA school preparation. I would suggest you check out for more info!

Good luck!


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I am a Family Nurse Practitioner and a Nurse Anesthetist who works as an independent/autonomous practitioner. There are often questions about my profession and I would like to offer the service of an actual CRNA. If you did not know, there are about 40000 of us which equates to 50% of the anesthesia providers in the USA today. I also lecture and teach ultrasound regional anesthesia all over the country.

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