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My question is regarding my son who is 14 months old. He just underwent an MRI for a sacral dimple. The MRI lasted approximately 45 mins to an hour. He needed to be sedated, as all young kids due in oder to remain still.  Fortunately, the results were negative and no further testing is required. However, I'm really worried about the effects of anesthesia on my son's developing brain.  By  having this MRI, did we  "rewire" my son's brain? What is the research on kids of his age undergoing sedation and brain development? Should I be worried and is there anything I can do now to restore optimal health? Thank you for your time.

There is no evidence to support any negative effects of MRI or anesthesia on early brain development. We provide sedation and full anesthesia on patients from premature on up and they all do fine from an anesthetic perspective. They may be groggy for a day or two after but beyond that, there is nothing you need to do.

Ronald Levy, MD
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