In 2012. I was operated for a lower lumbar laminectomy.  I do suffer from epileptic disorder, and do take a long list of medications for it.  I was supposed to go home that same day shortly after the surgery.  That morning I told my spouse to go home and to pick me up later. To make the story short, I woke up in ICU.  I ended up having a +30 minute seizure minutes after the surgery was done, and a couple more in ICU.  A 6 hour stay ended up as a 4 day camping at the hospital. While everyone was prepared, hence my medical history of brain and back injuries from the military and other cars having a magnetic attraction toward me, the surgery was done at the hospital.  I even joked with the doctor and anesthesiologist about them not ever loosing a patient.  The surgeon, doctors, and anesthesiologist expected a routine surgery.  I was told by the surgeon that I went into a "violent" seizure for a little over 30 minutes, and during that time I had to be given large doses of anti-convulsing meds intravenously.  Two years later, my lower back has worsened and needs more "repairs."  My question is how likely I may seize again?  And, is this normal for epileptic individuals, even after given full anesthetic that are supposed to suppress seizure activity?  By the way my current age is 40, non smoker, no drug use, and no alcohol.

There are several questions here. Were you therapeutic on your seizure meds? Generally speaking, if you are therapeutic, then anesthetic agents are actually anti-seizure and you shouldn't have a problem. Certainly I would mention to the next anesthesiologist the problem you had with your previous anesthetic, but There is no reason to believe the same thing will happen again.

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