This is my third colonoscopy in 2-1/3 years and it is because I approached by Gastroenterologist with a small problem.  My question: he uses propafol.  I have had it twice before.  I know I "wake up" with no residual effect.  In my State it is unlawful for a medical professional to allow a person to drive after any anesthetic, however I know fully well that I can drive just fine.  I'm having trouble finding someone to take me because I have to be there (45 minutes away) at 8:30AM and then, of course, they have to sit around waiting for two hours or more.  A friend told me she drove fine after her endoscopy.  Is it safe for me to drive myself and take myself home?  At this point, I'm a professional at prepping and it's no big deal.  What do you think?

While you could probably get home safe, it is NOT safe to drive, particularly since it is such a long drive. Your mentation is less, your reaction time is impaired and you level of consciousness is not 100%. So I strongly do not recommend doing that.

Ronald Levy, MD
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