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  I was wondering if you could give me an idea what my next action would be? I realize you can not diagnose
On the internet but I really do not want to go to the ER.
   I had surgery on the 24th of July. I had a shoulder repair. Since I can not take any pain meds the Dr. Decided to give me a long acting nerve block in my neck. He told me that once the block was in that sometimes the block can affect your breathing. As soon as the block would wear off then the lungs would return to normal. While doing the nerve block, I had to stop him as all of a sudden I had a urge to cough. I had no cold but anyway they said I moved and they only got 1/4 of it in. They talked about blood in the line? Something like that.
   Surgery went great, but in the recovery room my chest was sore. I felt this was what the Dr said about the lungs. So I cam home and progressively my lungs have gotten worse. They are so tight and I cough up really thick pasty white stuff. Tonight my chest is very sore and very breathless. I have tried to be sitting up so my lungs do not get worse. Getting up and walking around.
   So my questions are: could these syptoms be from the nerve block and is just taking awhile? (My block ran completely last night). Or is this something to go get checked out.  I would have to go to the ER. Or can I just wait until Monday and see how it goes. Can I do something at home to get this thick junk out of my lungs?
The nurse did call today to see how I was doing but she had no idea wht this is:( Thank you so much for your time.

You need to go to an ER right away! Yes, a long-acting nerve block like the one you received could be one possible reason for your symptoms. Regardless, your breathing difficulties may require a variety of urgent treatments by medical personnel. Please go right away!


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